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Esports Betting in the Era of Corona

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The Coronavirus has thrown every major sporting event into limbo, creating a hard time for fans who want to satisfy their urge to bet. Gamblers have not been spared either by this pandemic. From EPL and La Liga to NHL and NBA, every tournament has been clouded with uncertainty, with most of them not sure when exactly they will resume. However, despite these difficult circumstances, one sport has continued to thrive: Esports. And while it is not completely immune to the virus, the sport has proved to be the go-to for millions of punters who want to quench their thirst, even in an era where social distancing is the norm. From League of Legends, Fortnite and The Overwatch League to Counter-Strike and everything in between, bettors have a host of opportunities to make real money.

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How to Bet on Esports

As a punter, you most probably already know how to bet on traditional sporting events. It is very much similar to betting on Esports. In fact, it is even simpler, and that is why it is loved in all parts of the world and we expect it to keep growing even when the rest of the sporting world resumes. While there are people who see it as a money-minting opportunity, others see it as fun. Whichever way you see it, the crux of the matter is that the popularity of Esports betting has continued to surge during the Covid-19 era. To get in on the excitement, you will need to do the following:

Set objectives

While most punters tend to ignore this tip, setting your own objectives helps you to be focused, increasing your chances of success as a bettor. One thing you should put in mind is that your objectives should be realistic, and they don’t have to be money-related. If you’re a beginner, for instance, it pays to focus on improving your betting skills. Building a bankroll will come later. What if fun is your only objective? Well, there is nothing wrong with that at all. In fact, fun is the easiest objective any Esports bettor can achieve.

Bet on a reputable site

A reputable betting site is not only important but also essential. With almost every traditional sporting event on halt thanks to the Covid-19, some opportunists know that bettors are desperately looking for somewhere to invest their money and get a return on their investment. In fact, you should not be surprised to see many Esports betting sites springing up. That’s why you must be careful with your choice of betting site. Steer clear of any betting site with a history of withholding players’ winnings for no reason. Do your own research by checking site reviews and asking veteran gamblers for advise. A little bit of research on your part will help you find the best, safest and most trusted bookies for esports, and who gives you the best odds and most markets to bet on. You can also find bookies who have quite lucrative free bet campaigns, which can give you some extra bang for your bucks.

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Understand the risks

You can get rich betting on Esports, but this just like any other form of betting, involves taking some risks. To win money, you will need to stake your own first. While this truism is not meant to discourage you, it is important to understand that Esports betting sites don’t exist to give out money to players for free. The sites invest heavily in order to operate; thus, they must get a return on their investment. That’s why these platforms have an edge on every game they offer. The rule of thumb dictates that you stake what you are ready to lose, period!

Set a budget – and stick to it

Just like you budget for other needs, such as healthcare (especially during this Corona era) and food, you should also budget for your betting. Remember, your chances of winning a bet are slimmer than your chances of losing. And with betting having a history of causing addiction, you must have a good strategy in place to manage your money, lest you risk spending more than is necessary on betting. Educate yourself by reading betting guides, research the games and tournaments you are betting on – just as you would for any regular sports betting. If you budget for betting, you will not be pushed into chasing losses or breaking the bank out of frustrations.

Know the players and teams you’re betting on

Don’t just stake your money on any side just because you’re desperate to make money. Remember, successful bets are based on what you know about players or teams you are betting on. If you understand how the players or teams perform, you will most likely make good decisions.  The biggest teams, like for instance Team Liquid (est. 2000) have their own website where you can update yourself on the different team members, keep track of when the next tournament is and how the form is. You can easily watch their matches and tournaments on their Twitch Channel and gain an inside edge just by keeping on top of what goes on with the team. If you fancy yourself quite the cs:go player, you can sign up for test plays and if you’re as good as you think you could be the next team member for Team Liquid.

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Finding the Best Esports Tournaments to Bet on

To get the most out of Esports betting, you will want to take a look at the best tournaments. While there are dozens of tournaments to choose from, those that stand out include Counter-Strike, League of Legends, and Dota 2’s The International, to name but a few. The Overwatch League is yet another big name, which is as popular as any of the aforementioned tournaments. These tournaments are known to offer most lucrative rewards, and you will find them on virtually every Esports betting platform. Simply register to any such reputable platform and have fun.

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