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An In-Depth Guide to CS:GO eSports Betting

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CS GO esports betting

Over the past decade, the esports industry has and continues to grow immensely. Its growth has been accompanied by a new form of wagering, esports betting. One game that has been popular among fans and gamblers alike is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). It’s a first-person shooter (FPS) game that pits two teams, the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists, against each other.

Betting on CS:GO shouldn’t scare you. It’s simple and can be a lucrative venture. Read on as we dissect through the game’s basic betting rules, the odds, betting jargon, the dominant teams, the favorites, and the best sites to wager.

How CS:GO Betting Works

Markets on CS:GO bets continue to flourish thanks to their similarity to traditional sports betting. You wager the same way you stake on a basketball, hockey, or football match. Since two teams are involved, the betting structure is based on a win-lose-draw scenario.

Types of Bets

The notable types of bets include;

Outright Bets

Outright bets are sometimes referred to as futures market bets. These bets are based on the overall outcome of a tournament. You don’t wager on a single individual match but focus on the team capable of winning the entire tournament. Gamblers can also stake on their favorite team to reach the finals or the nation that produces the winner.

Money-line Bets

These are straightforward bets staked on a single match. You can either bet for a team to win, draw, or lose a particular game.

In-play Bets

Such bets are made during play when the game has already commenced. They tend to focus on a particular player’s score or the number of kills.

Combo Bets

Combo bets consist of many individual chances compiled to form one accumulator bet. Payouts are only valid if all these bets win. The amount payable involves multiplying all the single odds available in the gamble.

Special Bets

These bets comprise of correct match scores, total kills, or even particular map victors. They are very risky. You have to be well-versed with players, teams, and how the game works. It’s always a fatal mistake for novices to venture into this market.

Skin Betting in CS:GO

Skin wagering refers to creating markets using virtual in-game items. Skins are of cosmetic appeal and do not alter the gameplay. They involve anything from gloves to weapons.

Gamers mostly stake skin bets in the hope of exchanging them for more appealing or expensive ones.
Another prominent way of skin-gambling is through public pots. Gamblers start by depositing skins to a central pot within a defined time. A winner is then randomly selected by the system. The odds of winning are highly dependent on the value of your skins. If your skin value is high, the more likely you are to succeed.

Odds and Payouts

Odds refer to the likeliness of an event to occur. Higher odds predict difficulties of a team achieving an inevitable result while the contrary infers to low odds. Fractional odds characterize most if not all CS:GO bets.
Bookies are responsible for creating these odds based on the history of a team, prior tournament results, player performances, and players’ form.
Payouts are determined by multiplying odds and the amount you staked.

CS GO Best Betting Sites

Selecting the Ideal CS:GO Betting Site

The number of gambling sites that offer CS:GO bets is astronomical. Yet, not every site provides a memorable wagering experience. But how do you choose the best gambling website? Ideal platforms have unique characteristics like;

  • An array of banking options
  • Great bonuses
  • Instant payouts
  • Ease of Use
  • A variety of other esports games
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Appealing graphics and layout
  • Mobile and tablet compatibility
  • Licensed and fully registered

Payment Options

Top-tier betting platforms offer plentiful payment options. The most common transaction modes include Paysafecard, Skrill, EcoPayz, credit/debit cards, and Sofort. Cryptocurrency is also a favorite of many esports aficionados. You’re guaranteed to find sites that support Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, among other currencies. Always check whether a website supports your preferred payment option before registering.

Fast Payouts

The best betting website is one that avails your returns in the shortest time possible. The ideal time should be within 24 hours for average withdrawals and up to 72 hours for vast pots. Stay away from fishy sites that take forever to process your cash.

Top Teams to Bet On

There are many CS:GO teams, but few stand head and shoulder above the rest. Such groups have dominated esports and are worth betting on. Although they might be bound to unexpected collapses, the following teams have proven winning records.


There are CS:GO teams, and then there’s Astralis. Saying that Astralis is the best is an understatement. It has owned CS:GO. From utility damages to astonishing aims, Astralis is the complete team. The team’s ability to see off potent opponents like Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid is unmatched.

Team Liquid

2009 was the year that Team Liquid laid its mark. They will forever be remembered for winning seven trophies in three months. Their only lowdown is their inability to outshine Astralis. Despite this demerit, you can trust the boys in blue to get the job done during tournaments.

FaZe Clan

The FaZe Clan are among the top-three teams in CS:GO. Although they can be trusted to win a few events, they are prone to losing easy games and crucial rounds.

Top Players

Several notable gamers grace this esports game. These guys unleash havoc when playing. They present the best chance of you winning a bet.


At 19 years, ZywOo is the most gifted player in CS:GO. This French prodigy has single-handedly won matches and lead his team to vital playoffs.


S1mple has been at the top of the CS:GO chart for some time. Although he had thrilling performances in 2019, he couldn’t outwit the mercurial ZywOo. He is a good bet on any day.


If Astralis is the best team, then Dev1ce has to be its engine. Few people in the esports community can read a game better than this wizard.

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