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Fifa Esports Betting

FIFA is the most famous football-based esports series in the world. The game is a simulation of real-life football. You can select your favorite club and play against an opponent to get the winner. Millions of people play FIFA esports using their gaming consoles worldwide. There are several online tournaments organized annually with a money prize on the winner. It is also possible to bet on the players/teams and make real money. This article will guide you on how to bet on FIFA esports.

FIFA E-Sports Betting Guide

FIFA e-sports is not only a game of chance but requires a real strategy to increase your chances of winning. To be eligible to bet on most online betting sites, you must be eighteen years of age. You will also need to create a register an official account and deposit funds. There are more than three matches every month and plenty of league games. There are several available betting options for you to select. Here is what you need to know.

  • Play the Game

If you are new and have less info on betting, begin by playing FIFA esports games. You will understand how they function, rules, and game strategies. Always ensure you play the games before wagering. Understanding the ins and outs of FIFA games can make a significant difference by winning or losing your wager. Remember that it’s not always about becoming a pro. Instead, stay updated on new developments, improve your game intelligence, learn new strategies, and know about prominent players/teams. You can only be good at wagering on a sport that you understand fully.

  • Have a Budget Plan

Having a budget plan place does not determine if you will win or lose in FIFA esports wagering. Nevertheless, it’s among the most significant characteristic of your betting efforts and can indirectly affect your results. Having a planned budget gives you the discipline to bet within your means. The best strategy is allocating a monthly budget before starting to gamble. The budget should act as a motivation to remind you about the stakes-placed and the risk of losing your real-earned money.

  • Staking Strategy

The staking strategy entails the concept of the amount of money you decide to place on every bet. Staking can either be variable or fixed. The former means that you will always bet the same amount of real currency or a predetermined percentage of the monthly wager. However, variable depends on your wagering confidence by staking an amount with probable fruition. In this case, if you are more confident about winning, then you will place more money. The right staking strategy in FIFA esports betting will assist in identifying and knowing your limits. Also, you will approach gambling more analytically.

How to bet on FIFA Esports

What to Know Before Placing A Bet

The most basic rule on how to win in FIFA betting is understanding how the different types of bets and how they function. Placing your stake anyhow means that your fortune is as good as lost. Always take your time and learn about the existing bet types and odds.

Types of Odds

There are three types of odds, namely American, Decimal, and Fractional. They will change depending on your home country and wager services provider. There are different ways of presenting odds and do not affect the payouts. Fractional odds rep the percentage of the profit made from the placed stake. The American odds show the money you can bet to win $100 with either the + or – signs. The decimal odds illustrate the net cash you are likely to win for every 1$ you bet.

Types of Bets

  • Money Line Bets

It is best if you want to bet on the outcome of one match. The players/team’s strength determines the odds. You choose the one who is likely to win the game.

  • Accumulator Bet

Accumulator bet is suitable for staking several individual bets. All the odd’s combinations are multiplied, and you win if they are correct. They require low investment and are a high-risk option. However, they reward exceptionally well if your prediction is accurate.

  • Outright bets

This option entails predicting the probable future results of the tournament. You will place the bet before the tournament begins. You can wager on teams or players who will make it to the final or the tournament’s winner. It is a high-risk wager but with good rewards.

  • Live Bets

Live bets allow you to bet when the match has already begun and still in play. It entails a comprehensive list of several options for you to bet. For example, the next goal, corner kick, foul, number goals before a certain period, among others.

Dominant Players /Teams

FIFA eWorld Cup is the most famous tournament since the first edition in 2004. The competition has witnessed massive growth and following worldwide. eWorld Cup is held annually in different locations. Thiago Carrico de Azevedo from Brazil won the 2004 final defeating Matija Biljeskovic in the final. However, Alfonso Ramos from is the most dominant player having won the award twice, in 2008 at Berlin, and 2012 at Dubai. The 2019 winner was Mohammed Harkous from Germany, who defeated Mosaad Aldossary from Saudi Arabia. On the all-time leaderboard, players from England, France, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, and Spain have won the eWorld cup trophy twice each. It is the most prestigious FIFA tournament, and the 2020 edition did not happen due to coronavirus pandemic. The official dates will be availed soon by organizers.

Selecting the Best FIFA E-sports Wagering Providers

There are both local and international FIFA esports gambling providers. They have different offers to attract diverse gamblers. That means you should find the most favorable for you. For instance, those with a huge match bonus, live betting, and cash out options. Always check for those with the best deposit and withdrawal options. That is, how reliable and efficient the two methods are for your convenience.
They should also have responsive mobile apps that you can download instantly. Always remember to check if they are licensed and approved to handling gambling matters.