CSGO betting


Counter-Strike Global Offensive has been quite popular ever since it emerged in the market. When it comes to betting, CSGO is one of the popular choices but before you do that, you need to make sure that you understand it properly. A little twitch in the numbers can cost you money. Even though betting is easy, but there are somethings that you need to understand before you make your first bet and if you are new to eSports betting, you need to sit back and have some patience.

CSGO – Counter Strike Global Offensive:

The history of the game goes back to 1999 when it was created by Minh Le and Jess Cliffe. Initially, the game remained confined to certain sections, but as the popularity grew, CS became a phenomenon. It was free to download in the beginning. The game is based around the battle of two teams – the terrorists and Counter-terrorist. The task of the terrorists is to plant an explosive and the mission of the Counter-terrorists is to prevent that from happening, by eliminating the task, defuse or prolong the time so that the time runs out. There are also certain map objectives.



Before you place your bet, there are certain things that you need to understand about the game. The way the game works and its specifics will help you a lot in placing your bet and it’s unwise for you to place a bet without having any knowledge about how it works.


CSGO is a popular betting platform and you will find various bookmarkers allowing you to bet on it, but your task is to find the best one. Many of the sites don’t even offer the betting on the game. However, many sites will allow you to bet on the game, but make sure that you know that it is a credible site and wager your money only when you have established the credibility of the site.


There is no space for intuition on the game, and all you need to follow is the data. Don’t take anything for granted and make sure that you have analyzed the game. You also need to dig into the history of the teams and how they have performed against each other. This will give you an insight into the performance that you can expect.


Follow – up :

You have to follow up with the game. You can’t go in and make your bet and then forget about it. Even though Facebook and YouTube have emerged as a platform for the game, Twitch is where all the action goes down. You can create an account on Twitch and then follow various gaming channels like Eleague and ESL.


You must understand that when you place your bet it must not be motivated by the superstition. Keep it steady and maintain a clear head. Follow your numbers and act accordingly.



Betting on CSGO is similar to the betting that you would do on other sports. You have to follow certain rules and make sure that you don’t pick them randomly. You should know why you are picking a team and must be equipped with knowledge.