eSports tournaments


There are so many things that have shifted in eSports. It is no longer talk of the future, but many of the companies have already started investing in it. By the end of this year, the estimated market value will be $30 Billion. No one had estimated that it would be such a big deal in the 21st century. Many of the player that is passionate about video games and enter into tournaments. They compete against each other for the final prize.


Before you bet your money and enter a tournament, you need to weigh everything properly Even though there are a lot of games, only a few hold tournaments. The most popular ones are Dota, Overwatch, Smite, Counter-Strike, Street Fighter, and League of Legends.



You don’t require to know about all of the games, but the one you want to play will help you a lot. The extra knowledge about how things work will give you an insight into the whole thing and bring you closer to victory.

Major Esports tournaments:

There are so many tournaments held across the world that it is easy to lose track of it. You need to focus on the popular ones if you are into eSports tournaments. These include The International Dota2 Championships, League of Legends World Championships, and Intel Extreme Masters. With a simple search, you can find the names. This will keep you hitched with the developments happening in the game.


There are so many bookmarkers on the internet, and your task is to find the proper one. They differ from each other and offer a variety of sports types. They facilitate your bet, and with access to the different markets, you won’t have trouble finding your place. You can also bet on regular sports like Football or Basketball.


You should understand the stats, and one thing that you must keep in mind is that betting is based on numbers, and the stronger they are, the better position you are at. Dig up the history of the teams and see how they have performed recently. Every little information is crucial.


Betting is complicated as well as a simplified process. It depends on how much you have research, but you should never keep it to the intuition, but base the decision on facts and numbers. Understand the data, calculate, tally, and analyze. You have to be aware of the recent developments in the game and make sure that you are following through. The places in the game change, and make sure that you are well aware of that.

Follow – Up:

You can’t just place a bet on any team but you need a thorough understanding of the game. Get to know about the upcoming results, tournaments, and ever crucial information. Don’t take anything for granted. Create an account on Twitch where you can subscribe to channels like eLeague, which can get you the first-hand coverage and information about the games.


Over the last decade, eSports have made its way to almost every country and with the market booming, the betting takes a new height every day. It requires more than searching on the computer, and before you bet, it is wise to play the game yourself to know what you are into.