Johnny’s third update is online!

We’re getting closer to full launch – Johnny Graves—The Unchosen One got its third major update on Steam November 30th 2016!

Johnny is an Early Access game. It is, after all, our very first PC game, and we’re convinced it will benefit enormously from the feedback and suggestions of the gamer community. We will be launching chapters throughout 2016 so that the final version of the game will be ready and polished by the first quarter of 2017. If you want to be a part of its development and get your voice heard – please consider buying it!

Check the game out here, or read more about the update here!


Johnny Graves—The Unchosen One

PC game


It’s 1979 in New York. Johnny Graves is a former agent of Hell and Satan needs him back desperately to finish the job he started over two centuries ago. Now fire spitting, giant spiders and an army of dead are after him to bring Johnny back to the fold. Johnny has one night to close the gates of Hell and prevent Satan himself from coming across the mortal divide.

Johnny Graves—The Unchosen One is an action RPG set in an urban fantasy environment. It is a story-driven single player game for Windows PC, developed using Unity 3D. It was published on Steam as an Early Access game on June 15th, 2016.

Check it out here!

This game is the first part of the Night of the Creatures–trilogy. The next two games will continue the action that takes place during the one night in 1979, but seen through the eyes of different protagonists.


Visual novel

photo377992895286847443Satan’s baby son is captured by Heaven’s border patrol. What to do with the baby once the forces of Hell come knockin’?

Choice is a kinetic novel that serves as a prequel to The Night of the Creatures trilogy. It is an action packed story of what happened to Johnny Graves as a baby.

Click here to enjoy Choice!

Sadly, Microsoft browsers (Explorer and Edge) do not play the music, and some mobile browsers have trouble scaling the screen. Please consider using Chrome, Firefox or Opera on a PC to get the full experience.



necromancerThe e-book Necromancer tells the story of what happens between Agents of Armageddon RPG, the tabletop role playing game, and Johnny Graves—The Unchosen One, the action RPG for PC.

Necromancer will be published in December 2016.

Agents of Armageddon RPG

Tabletop role playing game


Agents of Armageddon RPG is a tabletop RPG developed by Timo Kurvi. It depicts the final days of Satan in Paris in 1808.

The game consists of 10+ episodes. Each episode is designed to be played in one night (4 hours) and by 4–6 players.

The characters in the game do not gain experience, players do! During the course of an epic storyline, players control several different characters. Instead of each character developing individually, players gain advances from completing adventure objectives that may be applied to whatever character they next play.

Optional digital media in development to enhance the gaming experience include:

  • artwork of all characters with stats
  • interactive maps
  • music for specific scenes
  • videos for opening and closing credits (like a TV-series)

Agents of Armageddon RPG will be published in 2017.

Check out the Stupid Stupid Team

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Jussi Kyrönseppä
CEO, co-founder
Andrei Haataja
2D artist
Iina Maso
2D artist
Timo Kurvi
Tabletop RPG developer
Hannele Kajanne
3D & concept artist
Suvi Kiviniemi
Chief Continuity Officer, co-founder
Eelis Aaltonen
Level designer
Vertti Viitanen
Tomi Saksa
Musician, sound designer
Oskari Wäänänen
2D artist
Rhys Bail
Eeva Halmila
Mira Nuotio
Management trainee
Nikke Vartia
Minna Eriksson
2D artist
Jon Nyqvist
Script writer
Matthew Jämsen
2D artist
Saku Erla
Daniel Båvenmark
Animator, 3D artist
Tuomo Savolainen
3D & texture artist
Harri Lamminpää
Patrick Martin
Philosopher in residence

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