Together in their laboratory, our protagonists are building a large robot for world peace. They are putting in the final touches. It's time for a launch party!

What could go wrong?

The robot is finished and our heroes-to-be excitedly press the start button. The robot powers up, and almost immediately starts going haywire, turning from blue to red. It seems they connected the wires wrong... or something.


Before our unfortunate heroes can do anything, their precious robot blasts the floor under them, sending them falling down into the mines. They must take up arms and fight their way back up into the lab to face their evil creation.


There are four main characters, each with their own personality. They like to tinker, experiment and build things.

Calm and collected. Unfazed by anything.
Cheerful and hyperactive. Well intentioned, but overbearing.
Good and kind-hearted. Kinda boring, to be honest.
Angry all the time. Eternal resting bitch face.

Game Features

Unique gameplay sessions

Randomly generated levels, 70+ unique magitech weapons, 43 enemy types and 3 bosses will give you a different gameplay experience every time. Can you ascend through the maze-like construction to defeat the evil AI you have created? Work as a team to stay alive, or it’s back to the bottom floor with you!

5-second learning curve

Almost anyone can play NoReload Heroes, from the newbie to the seasoned gamer. You only use up to 4 buttons (you can even manage with 2), and best of all, no need to reload! Simple but intense, laugh-out-loud fun.

Local & online co-op + matchmaking

Squeeze onto a couch with your buddies or play together online. No friends? No problem. Online matchmaking will find you some. NoReload Heroes is paced for conversation and designed for social situations, like parties and game nights. We want people to be happy together.