Video games of 2020

Top 5 Video games of 2020 to bet on

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There are so many games in the eSports industry that you can bet on, but this year will see a release of some games. From consoles to the PC, the versions are equipped with high-tech graphics and enhanced sounds that give you an impression of realistic gaming experience. If you love games, then you should rest assured that the games that are to be released will add a motherlode of entertainment.

Monster Hunter world – Ice borne:

The game was first released in 2004 and ever since its release, it has managed to be one of the favorites. The graphics are enhanced, and over the years it has earned quite a name for itself. It features artic wonderland and realistic monsters. It was released in January.

Monster Hunter world – Ice borne:

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Developed by CyberConnect, it is a role-playing action game that was released on 16 January and comes with a single-player mode. Apart from a fighting game, it also comes from side-quests. With much-enhanced graphics and better sound quality, Dragon Ball is a game that you should not miss.

Counter-Strike – Global Offensive:

Counterstrike is one of the games that have a special kind of image in the eSports industry. It is also one of the favorites in the betting arena where hefty amounts are wagered on teams. The Global Offensive is a game that offers you everything that you would expect from a modern improved action game.

Doom Eternal:

There are so many games that have been released this year and many are set to be released in the months that are to be followed. Doom Eternal doesn’t need an introduction. It is a sequel of the 2016 version of the game, but this is more advanced and perfectly programmed to cater to the gaming requirements. The way the game uses the art of storytelling and incorporates it in the game is appreciable. Given that the game has its share of followers, the new version is set to break records. It can be played on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

Doom Eternal

Resident Evil 3:

When it comes to Resident Evil, nothing can take your eyes off of it. There are so many things that the game is known for. The storyline is not just horrific but beautifully integrated. It has remained a favorite of the betting world also. The new release has multi-player spin-off project resistance. It is a mixture of horror and entertainment. The game is the option that many gamblers look for. A proper blend of horror, entertainment, action, and drama. This is not just a player favorite, but also the bettors best choice.


Half of 2020 has passed, but many more months are yet to pass. The year has seen many games and many are yet to come. With expectations of the player running high, it remains to see whether the games are as they are marketed to be. As for now, there is a lot to explore in the eSports industry.

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